The Curious Case Of Passion

Life isn't about the Destination! It's about what you did during the journey. So Live, Love, Laugh, but above all learn with passionate curiosity!

D-I-Y starter apartment; your whole life in a 182 sq ft. micro apartment


Do you know that feeling when you really wish your student apartment would be bigger? Or when you are just entering the job market but your budget isn’t exactly “luxurious living” to create your dream house?
Don’t worry, because  maybe you haven’t explored all your options yet. Try this micro apartment in Seattle for  inspiration that stacked 8 spaces in 182 sq ft! Or what about this designer couple who created a great living environment in a tiny apartment in Barcelona. Oh and if you’re interested also watch the TrashKEA home design apartment = trash + ikea + design (= eco cheap chic).
Wanna know how all this is possible?  Watch the video below.




The curious case of passion is an initiative of Jasira Zondervan, to inspire people through creative ideas and sustainable projects around the world.
Currently she is in the running to become EF Global Intern 2014. Will you help her? Please vote HERE


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