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Urban Farming: from Mumbai to New York

riverpark farm 2


Here’s an interesting project I have found about city farming and how it is integrated in urban areas such as Mumbai and New York!


But first a small introducting about City Farming…
City Farming is an innovative technology that deals with organic farming in urban areas and essentially on terraces. Collection and disposal of organic waste is the prime and legal responsibility of the municipal authorities. For instance in India, where Dr.  R T Doshi, a strong believer in the Gandhian principle of self-help, patented a process and technology to Dispose of the organic waste generated in the household premises without causing any health hazards and simultaneously using this organic waste for agricultural production for human consumption. All this without much effort and minimum cost.
Dr. Doshi’s efforts have been appreciated around the world. UNDP has recognized this new approach. City Farming is the most appropriate, economical and the proven answer for the disposal of organic waste with a dual advantage of growing vegetables and fruits, etc.


City farm + Restaurant = The perfect combo
The city farms itself  vary in size from small plots on housing estates to larger farms that occupy a number of acres. It is estimated that more than three million people visit city farms each year and around half a million people work on them as volunteers.
One other project that intigued me was the Riverpark farm in New York City. Here they grow their own vegetables and fruits they also integrated verticaly by adding their own luxurious restaurant where they serve the best dishes.
riverpark farm 6

riverpark restaurant 2

riverpark restaurant


Do It Yourself
For the ones who would like to try this at home, eat your heart out! Because there are plenty of Do-It-Yourself video’s on the web.

Watch the video below and get inspired.


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