The Curious Case Of Passion

Life isn't about the Destination! It's about what you did during the journey. So Live, Love, Laugh, but above all learn with passionate curiosity!

Open Canvas: what if the streets were your stage


On June 22nd, 2013, ABSOLUT empowered an extraordinary group of contemporary artists to transform the street and structure of an ordinary block in Williamsburg, New York. In just one day an interactive outdoor art exhibit took shape, inviting artists, neighbors, and unsuspecting visitors to experience the transformative power of art and TRANSFORM TODAY. The full show ran for one week but some of the art will remain on display indefinitely as a reminder that everyone can make a real change.



Featured artists: Asger Carlsen, Tony Cox, Craig Damrauer, Ara Dymond, Aurora Halal, Dev Harlan, Valerie Hegarty, KATSU, Andrew Kuo, Justin Lowe & Jonah Freeman, Ryan McNamara, Joseph Montgomery, Mark Nystrom, Olek, Rostarr and more.
Learn more about the Open Canvas initiative and where it’s headed next at



The curious case of passion is an initiative of Jasira Zondervan, to inspire people through creative ideas and sustainable projects around the world.
Currently she is in the running to become EF Global Intern 2014. Will you help her? Please vote HERE


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