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Chineasy; Shaolan is making Chinese easy

Mastering Chinese is becoming more important everyday.
Unfortunately it is not an easy language for us foreigners to learn (trust me, I’ve been there!!). But Shaolan might have found the solution to learn to Chinese characters with ease.
So what’s her secret? Go back to the origin of the characters ánd the strength of the Chinese culture  by using Images.
A chinese character is as we know very complex, but by using images to place associations in the brain, this learning process can be made much easier!

This way it’s much more fun, and the designs are truly amazing! No wonder Chineasy is nominated for  the online Designs of the Year Award of 2014.
I am still waiting for the Dutch edition of the book which will come out on the 20th of May, but for all English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese an Portuguese readers you can order your book here right away!



Watch Shaolan’s Tedtalk about Chineasy here


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