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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

LIX the smallest 3D printing pen that enables you to doodle in the air!

Wow, amazing what technology can do these days. Here’s an incredible new gadget I have found that enables you to create 3D art  by drawing in the air! Just watch … Continue reading

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Ever wandered what the toughest job in the world looks like?Here’s a glimpse of the workload; a minimum of 135 hours up to 168 (!!) hours per week. You are … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan’s 60th birthday portrait using 64.000 chopsticks

Have you ever heard about sustainable art? Malaysian artist Hong Yi celebrated Chan’s 60th birthday this year by creating a portrait of him using 64,000 chopsticks. The 28-year-old artist, who … Continue reading

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Your day your city your future; a unique project encompassing Civic Engagement, Film Making and Social Media

Your Day. Your City. Your Future. is a unique project encompassing Civic Engagement, Film Making, Social Media, Educational, and Art. Most of the world’s people now live in Cities. As … Continue reading

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D-I-Y starter apartment; your whole life in a 182 sq ft. micro apartment

Do you know that feeling when you really wish your student apartment would be bigger? Or when you are just entering the job market but your budget isn’t exactly “luxurious … Continue reading

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Love Home Swap makes a vacation affordable for everyone!

Here’s a new type of vacation that I really want to try out. Remember the movie ” The Holiday” where Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap their home for a … Continue reading

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A wordgame to communicate in any language

Hailing from the Talent Search salon in Bangalore, Ajit Narayanan is here to tell us about his work helping autistic children to communicate. One of the challenges that faces those working in this … Continue reading

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Open Canvas: what if the streets were your stage

On June 22nd, 2013, ABSOLUT empowered an extraordinary group of contemporary artists to transform the street and structure of an ordinary block in Williamsburg, New York. In just one day … Continue reading

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Urban Farming: from Mumbai to New York

  Here’s an interesting project I have found about city farming and how it is integrated in urban areas such as Mumbai and New York!   But first a small … Continue reading

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Batkid saves the city

Today I would like to share a really touching story about a 5 year old boy who was struggling with Leukemia and really pursued his dream by being a super … Continue reading

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